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Customer Lifetime Value for Subscription Products

Customer Lifetime Value for Subscription Products

Estimating Customer Lifetime Value allows you to say how much you can spend on customer acquisition and retention. This is especially important for subscription-based products like games, online services, information marketing, loyalty programes etc. In this article we will use a classical approach to estimate CLV with a simple equation and customer cohort analysis. There are more […]

Working with Large Data Sets in R – The data.table Module

R is a great tool for statistical analysis and data mining. The abundance of high quality user-created modules makes even the most difficult task a true pleasure. Unfortunately, the flexibility of the language comes at a price – performance and memory consumption. Try loading a large file into a data.frame on a home computer (and […]

Fig 1. Histogram of Average Order Value

Small Data Problems in a Big Data World

We will base this post around a story. You are working as a Data Scientist in one of the biggest online gift shops. Your job is to analyze data and make sure campaigns and products match what the customers are looking. Click streams, sales history and social network interactions. All this data sits in the […]