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The Inconvenient Truth About Data Science

I published this first on LinkedIn and received very positive feedback. If you like it too, go to the original post here and click on thumbs up or share on Twitter. Thanks! Data is never clean. You will spend most of your time cleaning and preparing data. 95% of tasks do not require deep learning. […]

RFM Segmentation - Introduction Slides

RFM Segmentation – Introduction Slides

RFM Segmentation from Kamil Bartocha RFM Segmentation is the easiest and most frequently used form of database segmentation. It is based on three key metrics: Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value of customer activity. RFM is often used with transactional history in e-commerce, but can also work for Social Media interactions, online gaming or discussion boards. […]

Bayesian Modeling of Click-through Rate for Small Data

Bayesian Modeling of Click-through Rate for Small Data

After a long break we get back to the topic of Small Data problems (read the original article HERE). This time we evaluate a modelling framework for metrics like Click-through Rate and Conversion Rate. In most business scenarios these are estimated with a fraction of Clicks to Impressions and Orders to Visitors. Most reporting suites […]

Sample customer path

Marketing channel attribution on big data – on the fly calculation with AWK

For the marketing budget owners, the key for decision making about spend is the understanding of the consequences and results driven by the investement. As it was outlined in the previous article by Pascal Moyon, there is no single solution to this puzzle. What it means in practice, a great value brings ability to quickly […]