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  1. Captain Data

    Another good text reference on data science:

  2. Martin Squires

    Good picture, far too many articles leave out or underplay the aspects around “domain knowledge & soft skills” and “communication & visualisation”. The maths/stats and computing sections to my mind have slightly too much focus on the “new and sexy”. An O’Reilly paper “Analyzing the Analyzers” by Harris, Murphy, and Vaisman has a great insight that less than 10% of data scientists are operating with tb or pb data sizes. Effectively, there is still lots of work being done on large relational databases with the old bedrock SQL and stats skills. For people wanting to get into data science there is a need to develop a core skill set and build on top, data science hype is in slight danger leading to skillsets with that foundation layer under cooked.

  3. Thawatchai Chomsiri

    According to the picture (×1024.png), please answer me 2-3 questions following:

    1. Among people you know, who work using the Relational Algebra ?

    2. Is the “Data Security” important? Why it did not appear in the picture?

  4. Claudia Armenise

    Very interesting, I would nevertheless appreciate to see also a girl on this picture to rely on modernity !

  5. Bonnie Rohde

    Timely information as I’m developing curriculum around this discipline. Thank you.

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  9. Graham

    I feel you left out creativity or out of the box thinker, with out this you are going to come out with the same answer as everyone else.

    While you do need to see what everyone else sees, is helpful if you can look at your data with a different point of view

  10. RS

    Hi, very nice post! I really like infographic. May I copy it in my website, translate it in Italian, and put a link to your site?

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  14. Andrew

    PS: ’21th century’ is an irregularity in the data that you might want to fix 😉

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